Swamp Cooler Not Blowing Cold Air: 5 Troubleshooting Tips

Swamp Cooler Not Blowing Cold Air (Blog Cover)

You found this blog post because your swamp cooler is not blowing cold air. As an HVAC company in Denver, CO, we know some things about swamp coolers.

It can get sweltering in Denver in the summer months, so the last thing you want is to be without the use of your AC or swamp cooler. Swamp coolers are a good, energy-efficient alternative to central cooling systems as they draw much less electricity. In fact, most of the electricity used by a swamp cooler is simply to run the fan. 

But when your swamp cooler stops blowing cold air, it can leave your home hot and uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are only a few reasons for a swamp cooler to stop working correctly, as these are pretty simple machines. 

In the following post, Custom Heating, Plumbing & Air Services LLC walks you through some swamp cooler troubleshooting tips. 

Remember that a professional HVAC contractor should always handle equipment — not a homeowner.

1) Check the Circuit Breaker

Is your swamp cooler not blowing cold air? Then the most likely culprit is a tripped circuit breaker. When your swamp cooler stops blowing cold air, the first thing you should do is check your fuse box. Reset the breakers and see if that kicks your swamp cooler back on. 

Next, you will want to check for any blown fuses. Your swamp cooler will likely run with another section of devices/room like your living room lights, kitchen lights, appliances, or bedroom lights. If these other lights/devices are also not working, you could be dealing with a blown fuse. 

2) Check the Wiring

If the circuits seem to be in order, you could be dealing with faulty wiring. One way to tell if the swamp cooler wiring is the culprit is if you have persistent power surges where the circuit breaker is tripped. 

This is usually caused by faulty wiring in the swamp cooler or leading into the fuse box. Tell for sure by looking at the wires that lead into the circuit breaker. They are probably faulty if you see black spots in the wiring or around it. 

You should also look at the wiring that leads into the swamp cooler itself. Again, you will want to watch out for black or dark spots on the wires or near them. If you see that the wiring has been compromised, don’t try to fix it yourself. Instead, call a certified HVAC technician.

3) Use A Voltage Stabilizer

Sometimes a swamp cooler doesn’t blow cold air because it is not getting sufficient electricity. If you notice that your swamp cooler turns itself off shortly after it kicks on or doesn’t turn on, the problem may have to do with the voltage it is receiving. 

To avoid this problem, you can use a voltage stabilizer which helps regulate the amount of electricity the appliance gets. 

If the problem is that your swamp cooler isn’t getting the proper voltage, it can become damaged over time when you try to keep using it. Using a voltage stabilizer may be the best option for maximum use out of your swamp cooler. 

4) Check the Belt

Much like a car motor, the motor of a swamp cooler depends on a belt. The belt transfers energy so that the fan can spin. Unfortunately, frequently with swamp coolers, the belt simply slips off. When this happens, the fan simply can’t run. 

Carefully open up your unit and check to ensure the belt hasn’t merely slipped off. If it has, put it back in place. You may also find that the belt is old and no longer serviceable. In this case, you will simply have to replace it. 

5) If All Else Fails

If you have gone through steps 1-4 and still can’t figure out the issue, the motor may have simply failed. While this is rare because swamp coolers are relatively simple devices, it does happen when the unit is old or defective. 

If it seems that your swamp cooler is simply not turning on, the motor could be the culprit. In cases like this, the best thing to do is to have it repaired or replaced. 

Contact a Professional Swamp Cooler Service

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